Amateur golf competitions

January 2018

13 January: WAKAYAMA CUP (Bukit Course)
14 January: JFKH GOLF (Bukit Course)
14 January: TOTO GOLF (Bukit Course)
19 January: 1st IRON GOLF (Bukit Course)
20 January: JFE CUP (Bukit Course)
20 January: SHINYU KAI (Bintang Course)
20 January: FAREWELL ISHIKAWA SAN & SHITARA SAN (Bintang Course)
21 January: JB SPORT (Bintang Course)
21 January: JSEC GOLF (Bintang Course)
25 January: CHARITY (Bintang Course)
27 January: SOJITZ (Bukit Course)
28 January: PARIS CUP (Bintang Course)
28 January: SEIYOU KAI (Bukit Course)
28 January: CHUO VS AOYAMA GAKUIN (Bukit Course)

February 2018

01 February: BUAYA GROUP’S (Bintang Course)
03 February: SKF GOLF (Bintang Course)
03 February: JPMA GOLF (Bintang Course)
04 February: WELCOME NAKAYAMA SAN (Bukit Course)
04 February: SAMPO THE 8th SOUTH ASIA GOLF (Bukit Course)
04 February: PDF LUNAR NEW YEAR GOLF (Bukit Course)
10 February: SHINYU KAI (Bukit Course)
10 February: SANKYU & IDEMITSU (Bintang Course)
11 February: OWA CUP (Bintang Course)
24 February: ITOCHU MARUBENI MISI (Bukit Course)
24 February: ADEKA CUP (Bukit Course)
25 February: KAWASHO KAI (Bukit Course)

MARCH 2018

APRIL 2018

MAY 2018

JUNE 2018

JULY 2018






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